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i went to the hospital

Well, I almost did. Seemingly out of nowhere I began to feel excruciating pain in my abdomen, like I was being both stabbed and burned at the same time (I know, NOT a pretty picture).

I couldn’t stand up straight, I couldn’t lie down, I couldn’t even sit.  The only position that felt somewhat comfortable was curled up in the fetal position on my floor.  

I had no idea what was happening – was it some sort of food poisoning?  Was something inside of me about to burst? Did I need to get to an emergency room?  Maybe it was just a bad case of gas?

As I laid there in a little ball my entire day zipped through my mind –  I have a meeting in 2 hours I have a call in 5 hours I have another call in 7 hours No, no no.  This is NOT good. With a heavy heart and some trepidation I canceled everything on my schedule. About 4.5 hours into this mystery pain and laying on my floor for what seemed like forever I tried sitting up and then standing. Like a miracle the pain had vanished.  Completely gone. For about 2 minutes I relished in being free from this pain but then was immediately faced with an onslaught of decisions . . .  “Ok, I feel better now.  I’m hungry.  Should I eat? Maybe I shouldn’t.  What should I eat?  One of my calls is in 30 minutes, should I get on the call?  The other call is after that, I should get on THAT call. I’m feeling better, I should snap back to work.  I need to show up for these people.  I told them I would.  These calls are important.  I better figure this out.  If I don’t show up what does that say about me . . . “ And on and on my mind went until I finally recognized it.

My ego mind was running way over the speed limit and I was completely unconscious.  It was only until I consciously recognized it  was I then able to access my intuition.

“Ok Jen.  You are hearing your ego mind.  Now, what does your intuition have to say?” I said to myself. I replied to myself: “Slow down, take care of yourself, give yourself some time."  The calls were canceled, I would re-schedule them and it would be ok.   Your intuition and ego run at the same time BUT ego will become a big bad bully - loud and aggressive making it very difficult to hear your sweet guiding intuition. In The Non-Nine-to-Five programs I teach how to access intuition, how to hear the ego mind, how to truly tune in in a much deeper way than you ever have before which gives you access to more confidence, more ease, more fulfillment, and more of your mission driven purpose in the world. Shifting from ego to intuition, Jen PS: Would you like to know more about how to access more of your natural intuition?  If so, I’d love to hear from you –


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