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In one week I am leading our entire Non-Nine-to-Five community of High-Level Women in a really special full day training:

Peaceful Planning: How to Create a Schedule, Follow it, and Feel Good about it!

A really HUGE and VITAL piece of successful self-employment is the ability to have a very strong relationship with your calendar and schedule accordingly.

There are many moving pieces when it comes to successful self-employment like how to juggle your 9-5, your Non-Nine-to-Five, and your life in general so without a calendar and without following it, it can get real messy really fast. Now, as an employee whether full or part-time your schedule is pretty much dictated to you, you are told when meetings are, you are told exactly what is expected of you, etc. As a successfully self-employed woman (or man!) the days of being told what to do, when to do it, where, and how are done. And the beauty of this is FULL AUTONOMY, FULL FREEDOM, FULL CREATION. Because I know what it takes to become successfully self-employed I am leading our community in this full day training of brand new curriculum, rich teachings, and community connection leaving each member with action steps they will take to support their Non-Nine-to-Five (and 9-5) schedules. If you’re looking for a community that will support you with open arms, is free of judgement, and will be there every step of the way on your self-employment journey go ahead and fill out a Clarity Call application so we can connect and see if Non-Nine-to-Five support is a match for you. Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed - Jen P.S.: Read below to check out Vanessa's experience and success with Non-Nine-to-Five support:


Before working with Jen I had a lot of business ideas but was stuck in figuring out my true purpose. I was also struggling with cycles of perfectionism, not feeling good enough, fear of failure, comparison, and not feeling like I deserved what I really wanted.

Jen has taught me tools that I use on a daily basis that put me into action, strengthen my intuition, open up a more loving and gentle relationship with myself, and provided steps forward that feel natural and right for me.

Through our work I have learned the value of commitment and consistency and how it is imperative not just for successful self-employment but as well as my life on a whole.

As a result of working with Jen I moved into a new role at my 9-5 job, received a promotion, paid off all of my student loan debt, and I recently started my tarot business which was something I never even saw for myself before!

Jen is an incredible source of support, guidance, and wisdom and has a gift for bringing that out in others. I recommend working with Jen if you don't know where to start or are struggling with your next steps when it comes to being successfully self-employed. You will have a partner to get clear on your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose with and feel safe collaborating with.

- Vanessa, Austin, TX


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