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it's in your head

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Over the years I have learned that beliefs I have had about myself like: I’m not good enough to have a successful and sustainable business are not only SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH BUT it’s all in my head.   The head is a very dangerous place to live for ANY HUMAN BEING but especially for new mission driven entrepreneurs. The clients I work with are very deep thinkers and if you don’t know how to harness deep thinking, it can lead you down a hole of over-analyzing, also referred to as analysis paralysis which basically means you’ll find yourself thinking, questioning, and worrying over and over and over again.  EXHAUSTING! One of my clients and I have been working through a paralyzing limiting belief of hers that’s been around for quite some time - she is a sleezy car salesman On the contrary, she is super sweet, committed to her clients getting everything they need, and she wants nothing more than to help those she works with.  BUT, tell that to her HEAD that has been hammering the “I’m a sleezy car salesman” belief. As part of kicking this limiting belief to the curb I told her to find a photo of a cars salesman and then write down everything they have in common and everything they don’t have in common.

Lets be clear, simply doing this assignment is just a teeny tiny baby step towards dismantling the sleezy care salesman belief SO every single day she is working on this limiting belief with my guidance and support and taking actions to move her business forward.  We will leave no stone uncovered until it is completely eradicated.

What’s 1 limitng belief you want eradicated?  

Are you currently doing everything in your power to do so?  

Do you have someone holding you accountable, guiding you, supporting you through this?

If the answer is no, I urge you to connect with me. And hey, I won’t hold back here: I personally have had support in place along my business building journey for over 6 years.  Before that I was depressed and living so deeply from my head that there were days upon days where I wouldn’t even leave the house because I was so paralyzed by my thoughts. It’s time to stop paralyzing thoughts and step into your true ideal beliefs about how the world needs you and your service. Jen

PS: Isn't it time you went to work on your own limiting beliefs with guidance, support, and accountability in place for yourself?  If the answer is YES, then I urge you to reach out to me so we can get to work -

PPS: If you are in Austin this Sunday 10/20 I'll be speaking on this very topic at: The Riveter Wellness Summit - downtown Austin


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