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Meet Amanda!

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

I’d like you to meet Amanda Garcia, a beautiful heart centered Non-Nine-to-Fiver and founder of BioPaws Essentials, LLC.

Animals have always held a special spot in Amanda’s heart. When she was younger she knew she wanted to be a veterinarian . . .  until she learned she would have to put animals down.  

HOWEVER, several years ago Amanda discovered a 100% non-invasive technology called BIOFEEDBACK that helps animals live healthier and longer lives.

In her work today, Amanda couples biofeedback technology with essential oils providing a super supportive wellness journey which leads clients (animal and human : )) down a path of renewed energy as well as healing from any past emotional traumas.

Here is what Amanda has to share about our work together:

Before working with Jen I was completely stuck.  It took about a year for me to realize I needed help. I knew I was meant to share biofeedback with the world but coming from a completely corporate structured/punch-in, punch-out background and trying to transition into a entrepreneurship while grieving the loss of 2 of my own pets proved more difficult than I had originally thought. I was afraid and didn't know how to get my name out there so my business could grow and I could help more animals. I had no clue about where to start and got easily overwhelmed.

Since working with Jen I now openly talk about my business to everyone I meet! I am able to look at the big picture without getting overwhelmed and can see what small steps I need to take to get thereI have more clients coming in and amazing testimonials to add to my website.  I am also getting over my fear and insecurities around following-up with potential clients. I am more confident not only in myself but in what I have to offer my clients. I have even begun giving presentations on my business and I am excited to bring my health and wellness advocacy into a more public view. Every day and every week I continue to grow and I am excited to see what heights Jen and I can bring my business to next!

If you're feeling stuck or fearful about your life’s mission BUT you want to activate confidence, clarity, growth, and excitement (just like Amanda is) please know my hand is reached out to you to connect for support.

With Non-Nine-to-Five love, Jen

PS: is where you can reach me to access the same empowerment Amanda now feels.  It is TRULY possible (more than your ego mind will let you know . . . and I know this for a fact.) : )


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