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this is the way-out

I just did a scan of my notes from 4 recent Clarity Calls I had with Non-Nine-to-Fivers and what I found is no surprise:

Non-Nine-to-Fivers are desperate to be in business pursuing their purpose and are DONE with their 9-5 jobs.

I asked them:

“What do you NOT want as you move forward into the next year?” They answered: - to be at my job - to feel dissatisfied with myself and my work - to go into an office - to not pursue my purpose

I then asked them:

“If you could change 1 thing what would you change?” They answered: - I would be working for myself - I would feel happy - I would go part-time in my job - I wouldn’t have my job

I think it’s pretty clear that Non-Nine-to-Fivers aren't meant for a 9-5 job

BUT, where this gets tricky is actually TAKING THE ACTIONS needed to pursue your purpose.

Non-Nine-to-Fivers who are in a 9-5 job feel drained, unfulfilled, scattered, stuck, anxious but don't know what the next step is to find the way-out.

I'm here to tell you that THERE IS A WAY OUT.

I teach the way-out. I live and breathe the way-out   I hold your hand while your taking the actions to your way-out..

So the question is: Will you get support so you too can follow the way-out and pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose?

OR will you stay in the same vicious cycle, having the same conversations, feeling the same anxiety,  waiting until maybe one day it finally shifts?

If you’d like to make your purpose real for once and for all and stop stalling I urge you to connect with me so we can start laying down your way-out steps and allow yourself to be seen and heard in a safe space.

In Support of the Way-Out, Jen

PS: I create space for The Non-Nine-to-Fivers I work with to be 100% vulnerable.  I see each of them and I hear each of them just like Vanessa who recently shared with me:

“I felt really grateful for your empathy and understanding of my experience. While I felt this during our conversation, listening back to our recording was really powerful - your questions and responses allowed me to feel heard and seen. To talk about what I've been feeling, and have someone impartial listen and recognize that this actually happened was very healing for me - thank you!”


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