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true or false?

Hi there!

Let’s play a game . . .

Answer the below questions with TRUE or FALSE. There’s no right nor wrong and no judgement. Just answer whatever is true or false for you.

Here we go . . .

  • I will never make enough money being creative

  • I will never be able to leave my 9-5 job

  • If I leave my 9-5 job I will just need to go to another 9-5 job

  • I will never be a successful and wealthy entrepreneur without working hard and long hours.

  • I can't make a lot of money by doing something I love.

Did you answer true to any of the above?

Did you answer sort of to any of the above?

Did you answer maybe to any of the above?

If yes, you are being gripped by VERY VERY limiting beliefs.

A limiting belief is any belief you have that you believe to be true that limits you in some way.

Limiting beliefs start at a very young age. Think back to a time in elementary school that wasn’t so great for you . . .

When you raised your hand to answer a question, got it wrong, and someone laughed at you.

When you were picked last to play kickball.

When you dropped your lunch on the ground and someone pointed at you.

After this time you may have come to believe things like:

I’m not smart enough

I’m not athletic enough

I’m not coordinated enough

Limiting beliefs shift as we got older but never go away . . . they just look different.

If you have even an inkling of 1 of the limiting beliefs I shared above about your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose (by the way, several of these limiting beliefs come directly from members of The Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort program where we have been digging into shifting into ideal beliefs in our private Facebook Forum) you’ve got to shift your thinking ASAP or else you will be stuck for possibly, the rest of your life.

Let’s shift your limiting beliefs to ideal beliefs together,


PS: This is the last call for The EEC and boy are we digging deep into our limiting beliefs. I’ve mentioned we have a few spots left and we do, but this is the last call. July 1st is the cut off date!

Email me so we can see if this is a match for you:


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