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I know that we can all tend to think that those we deem successful are an “overnight” success (many thanks to social media).

I do believe we also know deep down this is never the case (although I’m sure there are a few rare instances).

What truly pains me though is that when I connect privately with a Non-Nine-to-Fiver who desperately knows they are meant to pursue their mission driven work and is so emotional with heavy feelings of stagnation and paralyzing fear because they don’t know how to create their mission driven business YET they aren’t willing to take the real radical actions needed to FINALLY start stepping into success.

What might radical actions look like? - diligent commitment to doing things VASTLY different than ever before - time and energetic investments into re-training the brain - financial investments into high levels of support, mentorship, education 

My radical actions started at a Starbucks coffee shop with my little laptop and it’s broken hinge.

At that time I had left my full-time job about 9 months before and I was diligently working on building my first business teaching students with disabilities 1 on 1.

I was way out of my comfort zone YET I was committed.

I knew I had to FINALLY start SOME-WHERE to stop being NO-WHERE.

When we are NO-WHERE we’re feeling: Frustrated Stuck Powerless Directionless Disheartened

If you want to start somewhere there is work to be done BUT it doesn’t have to be hard which is why I’ve created The Non-Nine-to-Five Steps to Success, a 5 step formula that teaches mission driven entrepreneurs the EXACT actions to take that create confidence and progress because I know the deep painful feelings of NO-WHERE.

Are you committed to no-where or are you willing to start some-where?

Starting Somewhere, Jen

PS: I love being a broken record so I will continue to radically invite you to connect with me.  It’s time to stop being NO-WHERE and get support in going SOME-WHERE  : )


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