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where's your head at?

How focused are you on your mission driven business? On a scale of 1 – 10 give yourself a rating . . .  1 = Focus?  What’s that? 10 = I am 110% focused, I have a clear message for my mission, I have systems in place, and I have a plan in place to fully leave the 9-5 and be full time in my business by __ date. There’s no judgement here so just be honest.

Next, I want you to think about 1 thing that you do to distract yourself.

Texting perhaps? Iliza's text game is making me nauseous! 

Here are a few to help you identify:

Phone – texting, social media, etc. TV – Netflix and chill? Shopping – How’s your relationship with Amazon? Drama – Gossiping, talking to friends about other friends?

At a recent Non-Nine-to-Five mastermind gathering we focused in on phones as a MAJOR distraction, so I had each member implement “No Phone Zone.”  NPZ is where your phone goes on silent for a specific set amount of time so you can focus and get to work.

If you’re having a hard time focusing or you don’t know where to focus you’re probably feeling lost, overwhelmed, or confused and chances are your phone is a HUGE distraction.

I know that I don’t want that for you, and you know you don’t want that for you.

This is why I have a 5-step process I designed over my 9 years of being self-employed that keeps you out of confusion and on track (so you know where you’re heads at).  AND, just so you know - I personally implement these steps consistently ALL OF THE TIME.

One of my clients who has also been implementing these steps consistently for almost 3 years now recently said:

“I have systems and baby steps to take because of our work.  I feel clear and confident and I continue to appreciate the support and guidance from you when I share what is going on for me, instead of beating myself up.”

Lets get you focused, Jen

PS: If you’re ready to be supported and held accountable by a high-level coach and mastermind colleagues who implement NPZ (and other effective and easy to implement business building strategies) then click here to set up a call with me to see if the work I do makes sense for you ---->


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