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My Story

In 2010 I was a first grade teacher at a highly

acclaimed and rapidly growing charter school in NYC, I had health benefits, I was living in an exciting neighborhood in Manhattan BUT I was completely miserable.


I found myself massively depressed, anxiety ridden, and felt like a big loser who was purposeless and confused.

In December of that year however, I reached a point where the pain of staying at my job far exceeded the fear of leaving. 


I walked in one morning and gave my 2 weeks notice.


When I share this story many people say to me, “Wow that was brave.  That was courageous.”  But bravery was so far from the truth of what I REALLY felt underneath it all. 

I felt like a failure who had just let everyone down, especially my students and the staff who needed me. 

However, way down deep within my heart I knew I needed to leave and begin to carve my own path.

After I quit I knew I was destined to never work for an employer again BUT where was I meant to go and who was I meant to be?


My intuition told me to continue teaching but how would I do that if I wasn’t working directly for a school?  It made no sense.

I found myself sitting in a local Starbucks day in and day out, emailing and calling as many people as I could letting them know I was providing educational services outside of the typical classroom setting. 


Within 3 months of leaving my full time job, my first business Teacher on the Go was born.

Since 2013 I have dedicated myself to mentoring, teaching, and supporting Non-Nine-to-Fivers who KNOW just like I did that they are meant to be on their own, in their own business, generating money on their own terms using their innate talents and strengths.

Here is what I want you to know first . . . 

I have deeply taken time to understand what is needed for a Non-Nine-to-Fiver to truly be successful and create the business sustainability one desires.  As a result I have created The 4 C's Method of Intuition:


Intuitive Clarity

Intuitive Creation

Intuitive Commitment

Intuitive Consistency


Why these 4 C’s are essential for a Non-Nine-to-Fiver . . . 


Clarity – As a Non-Nine-to-Fiver you have gotten clear that you are meant to be in business for yourself and not go back to a 9-5 job.  However, this clarity can get muddled along the business building process and chances are you can worry that the business won’t be successful or sustainable.  It is during this first C we get clear on ALL of the lower level beliefs and patterns that run the show.  Non-Nine-to-Fivers must get clear on when the Ego mind is running the show in order to move to the next step.


Creation – Once we are clear on the lower level energies, see the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve and own up to our shortcomings it is time to create NEW patterns and NEW beliefs that will support your growth both personally and professionally.  You will create new systems, new structures, new strategies to keep you on the Non-Nine-to-Five path.  


Commitment – Having a new belief system that fully supports your growth is great and the way to stay with it is through commitment.  Commitment is very hard for most people because we can easily “fall off the wagon.”  However, commitment is also about course correction.  We make the commitment and when we fall off, we just get back up again and re-commit.  Committing is all about STAYING WITH the business building process.


Consistency – The way to stay with commitment is through consistency.  Consistency isn’t sexy nor is it cool, but it is REAL.  The more consistent we are with our commitments, the more results we see.  I have learned some very tough life lessons through NOT being consistent which is why I KNOW how essential being consistent is within the business building process.  

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