My Story

In 2010 I was a first grade teacher at a highly

acclaimed and rapidly growing charter school in NYC, I had health benefits, I was living in an exciting neighborhood in Manhattan BUT I was completely miserable


I found myself massively depressed, anxiety ridden, and felt like a big loser who was purposeless and confused.

In December of that year however, I reached a point where the pain of staying at my job far exceeded the fear of leaving. 


I walked in one morning and gave my 2 weeks notice.


When I share this story many people say to me, “Wow that was brave.  That was courageous.”  But bravery was so far from the truth of what I REALLY felt underneath it all. 

I felt like a failure who had just let everyone down, especially my students and the staff who needed me. 

However, way down deep within my heart I knew I needed to leave and begin to carve my own path.

After I quit I knew I was destined to never work for an employer again BUT where was I meant to go and who was I meant to be?


My intuition told me to continue teaching but how would I do that if I wasn’t working directly for a school?  It made no sense.

I found myself sitting in a local Starbucks day in and day out, emailing and calling as many people as I could letting them know I was providing educational services outside of the typical classroom setting. 


Within 3 months of leaving my full time job, my first business Teacher on the Go was born.

Since 2013 I have dedicated myself to educating an coaching Non-Nine-to-Fivers who KNOW just like I did that they are meant to be independently employed doing purposeful work in the world, generating money on their own terms using their innate talents and strengths.

Here is what I want you to know first . . . 

I have taken time to deeply understand what is needed to truly transition from a 9-5 job to The Non-Nine-to-Five™ and create business success as a Non-Nine-to-Fiver™.  


As a result, I have gotten clear that there are two key components that must be in place:


1. Commitment

2. Consistency


You must know deep in your heart that you are committed to The Non-Nine-to-Five™ way of life.  You’ve got to have a calling that doesn’t stop urging you to be independently employed.  If you’re intuition is always there nudging you towards your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose you are meant to heed the call.  Many people will say they want to be in independently employed, others will dream about it, but it takes true commitment to do whatever it takes to follow your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose.


If you are committed and you know deep down, you are meant to find and pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five™ purpose you must be willing to take consistent actions.  You must be willing to consistently “do the work” so you can both shift your mindset from one of fear or doubt to one of clarity and confidence and take consistent tangible actions.  Being independently employed and truly following your purpose is not for the faint at heart and requires consistency even when we don’t feel like it.


If the words commitment and consistency create some fear for you, know that this is completely natural.  All you need is willingness.  You need to be willing to commit to your purpose.  You need to be willing to be consistent.  


Steps to Living The Non-Nine-to-Five™ Way . . . 


Shift from Employee to Entrepreneur mindset 

Quit your Job 

Stand on your Own Two Feet 

Find and pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose

Announce, Share, & Market your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose 

Tap into Intuition to Stay the Course 

Ready to take action now?  

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