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Non-Nine-to-Five Success Stories


Before working with Jen, I was overwhelmed by my inspiration to start this business. I knew I was called to sprinkle the magic I had found on others, but I had no idea where to begin. I questioned if it was even possible for me.I struggled to understand the steps I needed to create a business and I was overwhelmed by the amount of business building information out there from podcasts, books, and influencers. This left me feeling frustrated and unable to identify a path forward that felt right for me.   


Since working with Jen, I have transformed the way I manage my own inner energy and I have tangible steps for how to build this business in a way that feels aligned for me and my family. The word is out about what I'm doing and that feels amazing! I have just led my first workshop for parents and I’m gearing up to run my first 6-week support group!I now carry a deep feeling of confidence because I have the internal and external tools needed to make my life's purpose a reality.  

Ali Tepper - Parent Support Educator - Austin, TX

I was desperate for clarity before coming to Jen.  I felt like I was all over the place with ideas and thoughts on how to build my ideal business.  Within just a few sessions I not only gained the clarity I was craving but I started implementing concrete action steps, gained peace of mind, confidence, and received the support I needed.  By having me take a look at the type of actions I was taking and not taking, Jen was able to get me to really make moves!


Regina Rossi - Real Results Fitness Center - Delray Beach, FL

When I started working with Jen I had been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety from an intense job I had for 6 years.  Jen helped me lay down a solid foundation for my business and she taught me how to manage my energy so I would feel clear, calm, and motivated to work on my business while still in my job. 

I am thrilled to say that I recently resigned from my full-time position to pursue my culinary nutrition business. If it wasn’t for the work I did with Jen I would have never have mustered up the energy and confidence to leave my full-time job and pursue my passion for the wellness industry.

Melissa Eboli - Via Melissa - NY, NY

Before working with Jen I was struggling with a lot of fear and self-doubt about my capabilities, and having a hard time being consistent both in business practices and in engaging new clients.  Since working with Jen I have implemented amazing tools to help support me in being consistent; I feel more confident and grounded in my strengths both as an individual and a business owner and I engage with new clients more efficiently and professionally! 

Karen Vilches - Urban Order TX -  Austin, TX


Before working with Jen I was completely stuck with where to go with my business. I was coming from a completely corporate structured/punch-in, punch-out background and trying to transition into entrepreneurship while grieving the loss of 2 of my pets.  I was trying to figure out the best way to get my name out there but I was afraid to be seen and heard. I had a vision for the future with no clue about where to start. I easily got overwhelmed which kept me from starting anything at all! 

Since working with Jen I now have a more clear and precise path to help grow my business. I openly talk about my business to everyone I meet and am able to look at the big picture without getting overwhelmed. I have more clients with amazing testimonials, I'm getting over my fear and insecurities around following-up with potential clients, I'm more confident not only in myself but in what I have to offer my clients, and I have even begun giving presentations on my business and I am excited to bring my health and wellness advocacy into a more public view. I truly consider Jen my investment partner because she is completely invested in my growth and my mission.

Amanda Garcia - BioPaws Essentials, LLC-  Austin, TX

Before I came to The Non-Nine-to-Five I believed it wasn’t possible to make a living with my music and I was chasing money. I struggled with scheduling and I got lost in a sea of to-dos that just seemed to keep growing sending me into massive overwhelming feelings, jumping from project to project.

With Jen’s mentorship and support I have booked more gigs for myself and I have also become more focused and on task!  I use systems she has taught me that allow me to accomplish priorities everyday, leaving me feeling more productive. And, I am able to manage my emotions so that I am working from a place of enthusiasm and passion instead of scarcity and fear.


                                          Astrum Lucis - One World (R)evolution - Austin, TX


As an aspiring Food Blogger trying to figure out how to generate an income pursuing my passion outside of my 9-5 job, I knew in my gut that I was meant to be a Non-Nine-to-Fiver BUT I wasn’t gaining the momentum that I needed to make my dream a reality on my own. 


I doubted all of my work and was afraid to allow myself to be seen. When I tried to move through my fears it was in a very scattered manner.  I didn’t have any processes or systems in place to help me maintain my creative work without feeling completely overwhelmed and drained.


However, since I have been working with Jen I have made SO MUCH PROGRESS.


Jen and I are working together to create my transition plan out of my 9-5 and I feel SO confident and excited about this, I now have an income outside of my 9-5 job (a complete dream come true), I have taken my natural affinity for baking and now sell cookies at two local farmers markets, I take online orders and large corporate orders AND I have recently been featured in several local magazines.  All of this wouldn’t have been possible without my work with Jen!

Elisia Velasquez - Teddy V. Patisserie - Austin, TX

Before working with Jen I had no idea which way was up, but I knew that I needed help.  I was afraid of making major mistakes with my business and was at a total loss.


Jen has been a tremendous blessing. She's taught me to go past my fears and how to overcome the old mindset that “I can't possibly have what I want.”  She's taught me that what I have to offer matters. While working with Jen, I was dealt a massive blow in the form of a serious, long-term medical condition.  I tried to give up on everything and disengaged. I gave in to the overwhelm and fell out of integrity with myself in significant ways. Jen pulled me back. She was firm enough not to accept me quitting and gentle enough to guide me back into a place where I could once again see my purpose.  We completely overhauled my offerings and shifted the business into full alignment with my calling.  Within a month, I landed my ideal client and the business continues to grow and transform in ways that I never imagined. I am more confident in my life, bolder in business, and live every day in the knowledge that I can lean into my intuition and fully embrace where it guides me.  

                                               Elizabeth Hamilton - U Ahead Consulting - Austin, TX

MTW  Malaga Ene18[6].jpg

Before working with Jen I didn’t know where to focus my energy.

I had been teaching in a physical classroom setting for many years, but it started becoming difficult for me to be there in person due to a lot of travel I began doing. Because of this, for the first time ever I was struggling to get students and I found myself confused, procrastinating, and very frustrated. 

Thanks to the work I have been doing with Jen I was able to see I didn’t need to abandon my love for teaching and that I could take it online!
I feel very positive about this and have found so much clarity from our work together because we are truly creating my online business. It takes a lot of commitment and consistency on my part but I’m enjoying the process and watching myself get closer and closer to my goals.  I’m also excited to share that I now have my first paying client from my virtual work!

Maria Teresa Schoeb - EcofOnline Language Learning -  Switzerland/Spain

Before I started working with Jen, I wasn’t clear about where I was meant to go with my Non-Nine-to-Five business and I lacked confidence.  I had a notebook full of ideas and kept jumping from idea to idea.


Jen had me commit to taking real tangible steps to truly understand what type of business would be aligned for me and she guided me through a personalized and exploratory process where my true business passion was realized!  We then created a roadmap to stay committed to this one business idea.  


Because she supported me in being focused and committed I connected with 10+ potential clients and landed my first paying client in a matter of weeks!


Jen’s teachings and coaching support goes very deep.  I now understand the difference between my ego mind and my intuitive mind which has allowed me to feel more clear and confident in my decisions and who I am as a woman than ever before.


I had 2 in person VIP Days with Jen which I absolutely loved because I received clear plans about how I would go about obtaining new clients, as well as maintaining current clients and best practices for networking.  When I left my VIP Days with Jen I felt driven and ready to work.


If you know you are not meant for the 9-5 and you want to find your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose I highly recommend working with Jen so you can get clear about your purpose and feel more confident.  You are worth the personalized attention Jen gives!

Kelsey Reaves - The Sustainability Stylist -  Tucson, Arizona


Create YOUR Non-Nine-to-Five Success! 

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