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1 simple trick to hold the reins

If you’ve ever ridden a horse, you know that you must control the reins in order to steer the horse. When you confidently and calmly control the reins, the horse delivers what you need. When I first started my business, I decided to conscientiously hold the reins when it came to building relationships with others with one simple trick. Whenever I’m networking and meeting new people, if I make a connection with someone that I want to follow up with and they ask me for my contact information I happily give it to them AND I ALWAYS get their contact information. I will not leave until I have their info so I can follow up with them right away. But shouldn’t you wait for them to reach out? Holding the reins to your business means being 100% intentional. Business is not haphazard, by chance or luck. It’s intentional. We don’t wait for someone to maybe get in touch, we reach out to them. PLUS, people are busy. There’s a solid chance that the person you were chatting with really enjoyed connecting with you but the minute they walk out the door they go back to their own day-to-day busyness. SO, it’s up to you to steer those reins. When you’re first starting a business, I realize it can feel intimidating to get someone’s contact info and then follow up with them, but I guarantee if you hold the reins you will feel more confident which will allow you to feel more capable with what you are doing. When you feel confident and capable you begin to create momentum and before you know it, your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose is being built! Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed, - Jen P.S: Joi learned how to hold the reins to her business. Here is what she’s experiencing:

Before I came to The Non-Nine-to-Five™ I was not treating my business like a business. I was struggling to find the right clients and doubted the marketing I was doing. I would wait to reach out to potential clients and hoped they would come to me which left me feeling like I didn’t have control over my business. As a result of Jen’s coaching and training:

- I raised my prices and now have a consistent income. - I created a marketing message that I easily and confidently share with others. - I focus on the creative and unique photography I’ve always wanted to do. - I’m more confident with my abilities. - I wake up excited to work. Jen also taught me how to network authentically and intentionally, how to manage my energy and emotions, and how to have a schedule so I both focus on the growth of my business and take time off for myself. She is a wonderful coach who uplifts her clients, so they feel seen and confident in their abilities to create successful self-employment. - Joi Conti | Joi Conti Photography, LLC | Austin, TX


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