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the dumbest thing anyone could say

“Think positively!” Has anyone ever said that to you after telling them how anxious or overwhelmed you feel?

In my opinion, this is the dumbest thing anyone could say.

Our brains aren’t wired to go: “I'm feeling really low. I feel like a loser. I can’t do anything right, but you know what?! I'm just going to think positively, ok!”

While we can absolutely shift our thoughts, which will shift our feelings, which will ultimately shift our experience, IT TAKES INTENTIONAL FOCUS, EDUCATION, and TIME.

If you want to become self-employed and leave your 9-5 job you will inevitably be bombarded by limiting beliefs (thoughts you have that hold you back, restrict you or stop you from what you want) because doing something new, challenging, out of your comfort zone kicks the brain into "safety mode."

While it’s natural to experience this, it’s no small feat to create a successful unique-to-you service business and overcome limiting beliefs. Social media may tell you it’s as easy as sitting on the beach with your laptop and a drink, but that's just smoke and mirrors.

The way forward is through a dual approach to self-employment success, both putting time into unraveling your limiting beliefs AND learning to take practical business building actions.

This is exactly WHY the work that we do at The Non-Nine-to-Five™ has an inner and outer approach.

Human beings are full of limiting beliefs and in order to create something that you want like a unique-to-you service business we must rewire limiting beliefs to ideal beliefs and spoiler alert: it takes time to rewire your neural pathways and no you can't do it all alone.

Do you want to create a unique-to-you service business?

Are you willing to admit you have limiting beliefs?

Do you want permission to not have to “think positively?”

If yes, click HERE to fill out an application to connect with me privately so we can see if the inner and outer approach I teach to self-employment success is a match for you.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S.: The work I teach is a great match for you if:

  • You are willing to admit you don’t have all of the answers.

  • You know you are worth investing time/energy/finances into expert support.

  • You know you are meant to create successful self-employment.

If this is you, click HERE to apply and know I so look forward to connecting with you!


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