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when clarity is not enough

At The Non-Nine-to-Five™ I provide a teaching entitled, “Create Clarity on your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose.”

I am sure you can agree you can not create a unique-to-you successful service business if you aren't clear on what it is, right? Right!


Having been doing this work for over 10 years I have seen time and time again where a member gets clear and as much as they want to create their business FEAR takes the wheel and the member begins backtracking, telling herself:

I am not ready.

I am not experienced enough.

I do not have enough accolades.


 This is precisely WHY I created The Non-Nine-to-Five™ - to keep you on track, provide you with tools to conquer fear, and give you easy step-by-step actions to take so you can actually create your business!

 AND only ONE thing is required of you:


Because when you’re willing to take actions in spite of fear so much opens up and shifts. I guarantee it.

If you know you’re meant to create a unique-to-you service business and you’re willing to get uncomfortable, willing to look fear in the eye, willing to take the actions - fill out a Clarity Call application so we can be connected and see if the unique work we do at The Non-Nine-to-Five™ is a match for you.

 Click HERE to fill out your application!

 Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S.: Creating Clarity on your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose is one of Seven Core Teachings you receive as a member of The Non-Nine-to-Five™. These seven teachings are part of the core foundation of creating successful self-employment and come from my personal “boots on the ground” experience.


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