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20 years wasted

What do all of these phrases have in common? I have a gut feeling I feel it in my heart I just know/I just feel They are ALL intuitive. Did you know that following your intuition is far more powerful and stronger than your logical reasoning could ever be? When we put SO much importance on being LOGICAL and REALISTIC we completely LOSE out on the gifts The Universe has in store for us. Here is an example from my own life . . . About 20 years ago I discovered the Brazilian Martial Arts of Capoeira and was immediately drawn to it. The music, the dance, the community aspect is so vibrant. I was JUST drawn to it.

BUT, I never took 1 class because of my logical reasons:

I am not in shape to do something like this

I have no idea how to do a handstand

I have an injury in my hand

A few months ago the idea of Capoeira came back to me seemingly out of the blue so I started to follow a local Capoeira IG account.

Last weekend I got an intuitive feeling to go to the park with my dog in the evening. On this particular day I was feeling quite tired and just wanted to lay on the couch, but I kept getting the feeling to just go.

As my dog and I walked across the grass I heard familiar music, turned my head and right there was a Capoeira group. I walked closer and noticed that a t-shirt one of the men was wearing had the logo of the IG account I follow.

I spoke to the owner of the Capoeira school, shared my logical concerns with him I have had all of these years, and learned the school is down the street from where I live. Yes, I will be taking a class real soon. : )

If you have been having a gut feeling that the 9-5 world is NOT for you and an intuitive sense that working for yourself is for you BUT you’ve been giving in to ALL of your logical reasons as to why you CAN’T please do not delay any longer.

Don’t be like me and let 20 years go by because of fears and concerns.

Don’t let 20 years go by and WISH you had taken action to pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose.

CLICK ME and fill out an application to connect so we can see if getting support and FINALLY following your intuition is a match for you.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed

- Jen

PS: Just fill out your application RIGHT HERE.

PPS: Earlier this week I had a Private Coaching Call with 1 of our newest members of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ Community and she shared this:

During my first call with Jen I was feeling chills signaling that taking on this support is the right step for me. I am finally at a point where I can feel that pursuing my Non-Nine-to-Five purpose is possible for me. I could not see it as a possibility before, but now I do. Jen is a seasoned expert and very supportive. She’s helped others in my same position overcome their doubts and fears. I feel like I cannot do this alone and really need the support of a coach to guide me through this process while I implement what I am taught. - SS


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