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7 years, 7 women

Over the past 7 years I’ve been married to 7 women...JUST KIDDING, haha! This coming Monday, September 28th The Non-Nine-to-Five™ turns 7 years old AND it is not a coincidence that our Fall 2020 Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort Program has 7 AMAZING women participants. On September 28th 2013 I embarked on a journey to teach others what I had done – Quit my 9-5, Stand on my own two feet without a 9-5, and pursue my Non-Nine-to-Five purpose.

Each woman you see in this photo is ready to pursue her Non-Nine-to-Five purpose, to grow, to reignite motivation, to get clear, and to receive support so she can move past the beliefs and patterns that have been holding her back from truly taking her purpose out and into the world.

As much as I like this number 7, I don’t want to deny you if you know you want to join an empowered group and get the support you need to Quit your Job, Stand on your Own Two Feet, and Pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose which is why... I am leaving the door open until Monday, September 28th (The Non-Nine-to-Five’s 7th Birthday!) to fill out your application for The Fall Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort. Here is exactly what you need to do to take our 7 and turn it into an 8...because 8 is indeed great! : )

  1. Fill out your application here: EEC Application

  2. Get it back to me no later than Monday, September 28th 

  3. I will personally review it and get back to you if I sense you are a match for The EEC

  4. If so, we will set up a private call.

Oh and by the way, I just got off of the phone with Yolanda who is one of these 7 women and she told me:

“This is really a supportive system for me to create my business and jumpstart it.”

If you want a supportive system and to truly get jumpstarted, fill out your application by Monday, September 28th  – The day The Non-Nine-to-Five™ turns 7! - Jen PS: Here is the link one very very last time: EEC Application


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