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a small favor?

I’m keeping today’s email short and sweet and asking you for a very small favor . . .

Would you please email me and share with me:

Which of the following titles resonates the most with you:

A. 3 Must-Take Steps to Escape the 9-5 & Pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose!

B. 3 Must-Take Steps to Pursue Your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose Faster and With More Success

C. How to Escape the 9-5 & Step into Successful Self-Employment (In 3 Key Steps!)

Can’t wait to get your response!


P.S.: Just email me and let me know A, B, or C. (

P.P.S.: If you’re up for sharing with me WHY you choose the title you did, I’d love that too!


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