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a story you NEED to hear

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

On September 27th 2013 a woman looked at me straight in the eye and said,

“Jen, we see a lot of potential in you.”

The moment those words landed on my ears I felt a surge of heat through my body and I put my hand over my heart receiving a visceral feeling as if she had just stabbed me.

“That is the worst thing anyone has ever said to me.

I will be damned if I live a life full of potential!” I barked at her.

I wanted to punch her straight in her face.

But the truth was she was ABSOLUTELY 100% right.

A few hours later I recorded a stream of consciousness conversation with myself about who I was, what I was doing, and what I REALLY needed to do to move my mission forward.  I was afraid and I was tired. Click here to listen to this brief 2 minute raw audio.

YET, I was on the precipice of shifting.  

I was on the edge of either staying with my 100k in debt, no business in sight, working part-time, and not moving my mission forward because I believed I wasn't good enough OR shifting into the woman I intuitively knew I was meant to be.

I urge you to listen to the words that come out of my mouth in this short 2 minute audio.  It is pretty raw and vulnerable AND my hope is that it will inspire you to shift from having potential to stepping into your business mission.  

In order to support you with this


I'm inviting you to connect with me for 1 of 6 “Screw the 9-5” 1 Hour Clarity Sessions where we will take a look at what you'd really like to create as an entrepreneur and what's been holding you back. Then, we'll map out some potential next steps, including whether further support in one of my programs is a good fit.

We are already more than halfway through September, I've already received applications, and this is only available until Friday, September 27th so I hope you are one of these 6.  

Isn’t it time you STOPPED flip flopping, dreaming, wondering, sort of having one foot in and one foot out of your business?  

I SO look forward to connecting with you for a Screw the 9-5 Clarity Session.

With Non-Nine-to-Five love, Jen

PS: Here is the Screw the 9-5 Clarity Session Application and here is the 2 minute audio of me talking to myself: Jen's Conversation with herself 9.27.2013.


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