after 6 months this is what happened...

Did you know that it took me 6 months into my business to coin the term Non-Nine-to-Fiver?

I was sitting at my kitchen table one morning in my studio apartment in Queens, NYC doing some journaling.

As I was writing I asked myself a series of questions that led me to this thought . . . 

If I had been self-employed for 3 years and I had zero intention of going back to a 9-5 and zero intention of working for someone else and I knew I was meant to do purposeful work on my own terms, then what did that make me?

“Well, I’m not a 9-5r that’s for sure,” I remember thinking to myself.  “So what’s the opposite of a 9-5r?  Oh, a NON9-5r.”

And in that moment the term Non-Nine-to-Fiver was born.

So how do you know you are a Non-Nine-to-Fiver?

  • You know you are not meant for the 9-5

  • You know you have zero intention of working for someone else

  • You are committed to doing deep growth and development work

  • You are a High-Level person who isn’t willing to let her excuses run the show

  • You are consistent with your actions 

And what happens when you truly step into and embody these 5 bullet points?  Check out what Nicole, a Non-Nine-to-Five Virtual English Coach recently celebrated: 

I just booked my first two continuing clients last week! This is a big deal for me because these are the first two clients, I signed up through a program model that Jen taught me rather than an hourly rate. During my call my student’s dad expressed that they love working with me, have grown a lot in their English language skills and confidence, and they are signing up for another 3-month program with me. Looking forward to more continuing clients!”

If you know you’re not meant for the 9-5 and you’re committed to creating a successful Non-Nine-to-Five business just like Nicole who has been working with me for JUST 6 months, I invite you to email me right away so you can begin stepping into your journey as a Non-Nine-to-Fiver . . .  

With Non-Nine-to-Five Love & Support,


PS: if you know you’re not meant for the 9-5 and you’re committed to creating a successful Non-Nine-to-Five business email me right away:


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