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Earlier this week I was musing on the word “self."

Because the word “self” means "one’s own person" (Old English) we might think that self-employment is all about ME ME ME or maybe even narcissistic.

BUT being self-employed is the furthest thing from ME ME ME.

Self-employed people are GIVERS and HELPERS.  You must be willing to give your time, your knowledge, your expertise, your strengths, your talents, your convictions, your beliefs (just to name a few).

Scientists have actually found evidence that human beings are born with an innate desire to help others.  According to Michael Tomasello, a developmental psychologist, when infants 18 months old see an unrelated adult whose hands are full and who needs assistance opening a door or picking up a dropped clothespin, they will immediately help.

Imagine that . . . at just 1.5 years old you already want to help, serve, and support.

And as an adult you get to choose WHO and HOW you want to help.  

Will you help a large corporation simply because it’s a job?

Will you help to put money into the pockets of corporate moguls?  

Will you help an unethical company even though you know it feels horrible?


Will you take the risk to find your purpose as a self-employed person?

Will you help others, fulfilling on your vision?  

Will you do work that is honest and aligned for you and your own beliefs?

I know where I stand on this one AND I know where the Non-Nine-to-Fivers I coach stand on this.

The question is: Where do you stand?

In support of your self-employment,


PS: In just 3 weeks, members of The Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort are ALREADY helping others AND fulfilling on their purposes.  See below:

“I want to share a big celebration with everyone.  From virtual networking I met a woman who I instantly had an amazing connection with that purchased clothing from me!  What’s more is that she shared all about me and my business at another virtual networking event and highly recommended me to everyone.  I was blown away by this AND she is going to share a testimonial on my business page!” – Beth

If you're ready to receive help so you can help others with your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose, please email me: 


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