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are you high?

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

I'm sure you're not but my neighbor is . . . 

At first, I tried to ignore the smell and tried to convince myself I was making it up.  I then had a friend come over to take a whiff of my apartment who said it just smelled like some weird incense . . . BUT my intuition knew she wassmoking. As months went by all signs pointed to her smoking weed.  However, she denied it, I believed her, and my EGO took the front seat. EGO MIND: - My friend said it wasn’t weed – She must be right!  What do I know anyway! - My neighbor denied it was her - She must be telling the truth! - I’ll light scented candles – This will do the trick and all will be well! - I’ll ignore it because who am I anyway?  It’s just weed, Jen! INTUITIVE MIND: - My friend said it didn’t smell like weed but it does to me - hmmm. - What my neighbor is telling me doesn’t add up - hmmm. - Lighting candles only masks the issue - hmmm. - Ignoring only pushes things further down and doesn’t solve anything - hmmm. Intuition is NO JOKE.  It's a tried and true guide that will lead us down the most aligned path for us and will never ever steer us wrong. So what does me smelling weed in my apartment have to do with being a mission driven entrepreneur? If you’re a mission driven entrepreneur you are sensitive, intuitive, and a very bright individual.  But you can tend toward “not wanting to rock the boat.”  You can tend toward questioning yourself and even making yourself wrong for wanting to confront situations.  You might even say things to yourself like, “What is wrong with me?!”  and you can have a tricky time listening to your intuition even though it will never steer you wrong. Are you dedicated to doing things differently? If you are interested in building your Non-Nine-to-Five mission driven business from your intuition rather your ego mind, I am here.  7.5 years ago I stopped fighting my intuition tooth and nail and left my full time job.  I am no longer DEATHLY AFRAID to walk a different path and no longer deathly afraid of confronting a teenager who is smoking weed ; ).   Living an Intuitively (just not 420) Friendly Life, Jen PS: In case your curious - Because of the actions I took in listening to my intuition there hasn't been any weed issues in weeks.  

Have you ever been in a similar situation like this one? – Email me yours: - I’d love to hear!


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