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are you on the beach with your laptop?

If you are familiar with the world of successful women entrepreneurs, then you’ve probably have heard of Ali Brown - a self-made millionaire mentor for entrepreneurs.

Recently, I listened to a podcast interview she did with my own mentor, Heather, one of Ali’s clients.

It was really nice to hear this type of interview because it was my mentor talking to her mentor (which I think is super cool!) and it gave me a really big smile because it is such proof that CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

During the interview Heather said, “Staying with something for the long haul creates deep change and transformation and it’s why I’ve worked with you (Ali) for this long.  I know by being consistent with a mentor I’m aligned with, that is where my deepest change and growth will come from.”

Ali has been Heather’s mentor for 6 years.

Heather has been my mentor for 6 years.

AND, this is not a coincidence.  There is something all 3 of us have in common – 


One of the amazing Non-Nine-to-Fivers I mentor and teach is going on 3 years of our work together AND she has:

  • Left her full-time job and is in her business 100%

  • Tripled her income

  • Consistently worked (and works) on “staying in her lane” when she starts to compare herself to others

I’ve learned in my own journey that without Intuitive Commitment and Intuitive Consistency (2 of the 4 C’s I teach) nothing will ever REALLY change.  I will never ever REALLY transform.  I will just be like everyone else, having the same conversations, doing the same things.

I’m NOT holding back here: The coaching industry is saturated with SO MUCH fluff.  Just take a scroll through social media . . . there is glitz, glam, gorgeous websites, IG selfies, crazy positive rah rah everything is great and look at me on the beach with my laptop 


To me, this feels really empty and pointless.

It takes STAYING WITH IT FOR THE LONG HAUL, it takes grit and dirty work of diving deep into your own lower level energies, it takes working on your childhood and uncovering beliefs and patterns that have been hidden away for so long.  It takes STAYING WITH IT FOR THE LONG HAUL.

If you truly WANT to be doing MISSION DRIVEN work in the world you are going to have to take a really hard look within yourself.

I will do the deep inner work until the day I die which looks messy, vulnerable, and many times is full of tears and I will mentor and teach others how to do it too because of my fierce COMMITMENT to growth and transformation.

I’m in it for the long haul. Are you?

With a fierce commitment to growth and transformation, Jen

PS: If you want to know how to TRULY be in it for the long haul send me an email: 


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