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are you thinking your way through it?

Do you think and think and think when you’re unsure what to do? Do you think and think and think to find the best answer? Do you think and think and think which way to go next? Doesn't this feel exhausting? I’ve lost count on how many times Non-Nine-to-Fivers have told me “I just need to think more about it.” When we try to THINK our way out of something or THINK our way to the best decision or tell ourselves we need more time to THINK this NEVER works.

What DOES work is using your heart, your gut, your intuition, and feeling into an answer. What does work is trusting yourself. Your INNER GPS (aka heart, gut, intuition) when used as the sacred gift it is will ALWAYS guide you to your next step.

AND, VERY IMPORTANT to know that your INNER GPS does not live in your mind so if you keep thinking and thinking and thinking to find an answer, I am sorry to say you never will. In the Non-Nine-to-Five Programs I take an INNER and OUTER approach to the work we do which means you learn how to connect deeper to your INNER GPS AND you receive tangible actions and practical step-by-step plans leading you to self-employment success. It’s an approach that has led me to be self-employed for over 10 years and an approach that leads Non-Nine-to-Five clients to massive results just like Jen:

I booked 3 Showcases after my very first VIP Day with Jen and had not booked a showcase in 5 months!”

If you want an inner and outer approach to becoming successfully self-employed, please fill out your Clarity Call application to connect directly with me. Seeing your INNER GPS at work, Jen PS: If you missed last week's email all about "how to make a decision" you will definitely want to check it out as it connects directly to today's email:


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