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are your balls to the wall?

Something I've learned from my 6+ years of working with Non-Nine-to-Fivers is that

Non-Nine-to-Fivers are petrified of what will happen WITHOUT their 9-5. Now, the irony here is that Non-Nine-to-Fivers AREN’T MEANT for the 9-5 nor do they even want one!  They are specially coded folks who aren’t meant to work for someone else. YET, fear attacks any deep desire they have to pursue their dreams and convinces them that if they leave they are f***ed! Fear sounds like: You’ll never make it as a Non-Nine-to-Fiver You’ll feel wiped out as a Non-Nine-to-Fiver You’ll lose your lifestyle as a Non-Nine-to-Fiver Or my personal favorite which was one of my own beliefs’ way back when, “You’ll end up on the street in a cardboard box as a Non-Nine-to-Fiver.” In my Non-Nine-to-Five programs I teach 2 ESSENTIAL steps that are pretty cut and dry.  You ready for these? . . .  Quit your Job Stand on your own Two Feet I quit my job and I stood on my own two feet WITHOUT my 9-5 job.  And guess what? I never ended up on the street in a cardboard box I actually found work while I built my business that was really enjoyable and fun and flexible. And you know what happened . . .  My depression was GONE I started sleeping again  I was inspired again I was creative again I was passionate again

I WAS ALIVE AGAIN! Don’t you want to feel ALIVE?  I mean full on balls to the wall ALIVE? I’ve got the knowledge and the teachings.  All that is needed is for you to take my hand, be supported, and allow yourself to step through the fear. With BALLS TO THE WALL ALIVENESS, Jen

PS: If you're a Non-Nine-to-Fiver who feels trapped in her/his Non-Nine-to-Five and you know deep down you're meant to do work on your own my door is open super wide to you with my hand reached out.  Just send me an email.


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