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Updated: Oct 31, 2019

This Summer I completed 19 hours of audio listening to Michelle Obama’s, Becoming.

So much of what she shares in her book resonated with me but for some reason I really connected to the following: Optimism is staying connected to a force much greater than yourself.”  You probably know just like I do that the entrepreneurial journey is not an easy one, especially if you tend toward self-doubt, thinking you’re less than others, second guessing yourself, and feeling overwhelmedwith all of the moving pieces. I'm more sensitive than your average person (and maybe you are too) so working my way through these types of low level feelings can be gut wrenchingly tricky. If you ARE like me you are also sensitive, deep, and highly self-aware.  We notice tiny details in our environment, body language, facial expressions, and we can pick up on someone’s state of being in seconds. While these are SUCH strengths to have, we also can get really hard on ourselves and end up laying on the couch for hours, numbing out by scrolling through social media, get caught up in analysis paralysis feeling frozen in time, or we can swing to the total opposite end where we are zipping along so fast in our day without a minute to breathe.

AND for SO many of us like this we are also spiritual. : ) Before I connect with a Non-Nine-to-Fiver I have them fill out a detailed application and in that application, I ask:

Do you believe in a higher power?   How does this higher powers support you and your business? To remain optimistic we’ve  GOT TO believe in SOMETHING greater than ourselves.   BECAUSE if you make yourself the ONLY driving force in your business, you will feel far more alone and get far less results.  

Michele Obama is ON POINT - optimism is staying connected to a force much greater than ourselves. With Non-Nine-to-Five Optimism, Jen

PS: This month is super exciting as I am speaking at the following awesome events that I would love to see you at! A Night of Entrepreneurship with Lean In + Google - 10/17 downtown Austin - FREE! The Riveter Wellness Summit - 10/20 downtown Austin


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