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brain fart

Earlier this week I was being interviewed for a really fantastic organization called Un.Inc that helps new business founders on their journey.

As I was being asked about what The Non-Nine-to-Five™ is all about I started talking about The 6 Steps to Living The Non-Nine-to-Five™ Way and...

I completely went blank.

I literally forgot the 6 Steps that I created and teach Non-Nine-to-Fivers.

I managed to remember 3 of them but I needed to share all 6, doh!

So what did I do?

I was honest.  I said out loud, “Well, apparently I’ve forgotten the rest of my 6 Steps.”  And, I laughed at myself and everyone else laughed and we all smiled.

It was real and it was pretty raw and yesit was definitely embarrassing.

Stepping into self-employment is never perfect, it can be really scary BUT you are meant to take action in spite of fear.  If you didn’t you wouldn’t learn and if you don’t learn how can you excel?

The only thing that can ever hold you back or slow you down is FEAR.

FEAR you won’t make enough money

FEAR you won’t find clients or customers

FEAR you won't be perfect

and the list goes on and on and on...

If you hold yourself back because of fear and you’re waiting for the perfect moment, I am sorry to say, you’ll be waiting a very very very long time.

If you are the type of person who knows they are meant to take action in spite of wanting everything to be perfect and in spite of fear I encourage you to take a small next baby step

Apply for our Fall 2020 Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort (The EEC)

  • 12-week intimate group program

  • Financially Friendly Tuition

  • Supportive Community of Like Minded Non-Nine-to-Fivers

Here’s how:

  1. Just lick the link and fill out The EEC application: EEC APPLICATION

  2. I will personally review your application.

  3. I will contact you directly and if it makes sense we will schedule a private call (my gift to you!)

In support of your Non-Nine-to-Five Brain Farts,


PS: The successes that our Summer 2020 Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort members are making is truly amazing:

In less than two months of working with Jen and being part of The Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort not only am I clear on my Non-Nine-to-Five purpose, I signed on 2 paying clients and have tons of potential client calls.  This is the most joy I have felt in years! - Regina, Non-Nine-to-Five Healthy Lifestyle Empowerment Coaching Business

PPS: Here's the application again: EEC APPLICATION


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