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celebrate good times!

This week Non-Nine-to-Fivers celebrated!

They celebrated their wins and accomplishments.

They celebrated where they were 3 months ago and where they are now.

They celebrated one another.

The Summer 2020 Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort (EEC) celebrated their journey and as a result they accomplished:

  • Crystal Clarity on their Non-Nine-to-Five purpose/business 

  • Announcing their New Businesses 

  • New Clients 

  • More Money 

  • Attending Networking events (for the first time!) 

  • Moving across the Country 

  • Accessing Vulnerability

The Fall 2020 Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort  starts in less than 3 weeks!

If you want to experience what these Non-Nine-to-Fivers have (and more!) and receive deep support with your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose click this link EEC Application to apply.  

There are just a few spaces still open to keep the group intimate.

The EEC is open to those already in business for themselves, those who have a business on the side, those who don’t know what their Non-Nine-to-Five purpose is, and anyone who simply knows he/she is not meant for the 9-5.

As a member of The EEC you will receive:

  • Financially Friendly Tuition

  • Intimate Group of Like Minded People

  • Individual Support, Teachings, Action Plans

Here's how to apply:

  1. Click the link and fill out The EEC application: EEC Application

  2. I will personally review your application.

  3. I will contact you directly and if it makes sense we will schedule a private call (my gift to you!)

In Celebration,


PS: If you have ANY questions just go ahead and fill out the application and I will get all of your questions answered. EEC Application


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