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do you have good intentions?

“I have good intentions, but things get in the way” my client in our Non-Nine-to-Five community said to me earlier this week while on a Private Coaching Call as we discussed her action steps.

While it’s noble to have “good intent” it can only go so far. I also feel it’s safe to say that we tend to resist what we know needs to get done, especially if it’s something we don’t find exciting or thrilling.

When making the decision to step into self-employment you’ve got to learn how to drop the resistance.

Pretty simple right? Just learn how.

In theory, YES. However, it takes time, patience, and willingness to do things MUCH differently than you ever have before. Lucky for you, I teach exactly HOW TO DO THIS from my over 10.5 years of being successfully self-employed. : )

Within the Non-Nine-to-Five programs I teach a 6 Step Process and “Shift from Employee to Entrepreneur” is one of those steps. This is all about thinking like an entrepreneur, behaving like an entrepreneur, and taking consistent actions like an entrepreneur.

If you are willing to put the time in to becoming successful self-employed like my amazing client, I was on a Private Coaching Call with this week and are open to doing things differently than you EVER have before I encourage you to apply for one of the 2 August spots left in my Clarity Call calendar so we can connect privately for a 1-Hour Clarity Call.

Oh, AND - Since summer is starting to wind down I am running a Special Summer discount on ALL of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ programs until 8.31.21

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed

- Jen


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