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do you really have a purpose?

Do you REALLY have a Non-Nine-to-Five purpose? Is there REALLY something that you are meant to do to generate an income other than being an employee, other than your 9-5? There is if you feel it within. It’s an inner feeling, an inner knowing, an inner push toward something else.  It’s a gnawing, a constant, it’s when something outside of your 9-5 lights you up.   And the feeling never goes away, no matter what. When I was coming to the end of my full-time teaching career I felt lost, confused, purposeless, and unfulfilled.  HOWEVER, there was something within me that was guiding me toward creating, leading, serving, supporting ALL ON MY OWN TERMS and IN MY OWN WAY.  I had the inner feeling and no matter what, IT WOULD NOT GO AWAY. You can ONLY have so much autonomy in a 9-5 job and even with the autonomy you get, there are always limitations. Stepping out on your own without the steady paycheck and benefits feels scary but it will lead you down the path to autonomy and freedom. I know.  I was there.

If you're ready for autonomy, for freedom, for purposeful work and a purposeful life isn't it time you finally took steps to make the shift you want to make? I wish I had steps in place to take when I left my 9-5 but I didn’t.  I had ZERO support. However, those steps now exist from my personal independently employed experience over the past 9 years.   And my purpose is to share them generously with you. Lets connect so you can get the steps to create that autonomy and freedom you know you want and deserve. Sending you autonomous love and support, Jen


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