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does self-employment REALLY provide freedom?

Having been self-employed for over 12 years, I am certain that it TAKES SOMETHING to experience:

Freedom over your schedule

Creative Freedom

Income Generation

Over the years I have found myself angry at social media posts that make being a business owner look SO easy. SO easy to create a thriving business, where the poster is smiling in her perfect outfit, with perfect makeup, boasting the number of clients or amount of money she's making...puke.

Have I been jealous? Maybe?

You and I know that social media rarely, if ever, shows what's really going on.

It doesn’t show someone working two part-time jobs, struggling to pay their rent while feeling overwhelmed, lost, or stuck. It doesn't show the TRUTH.

In a sea of perfect, filtered social media posts where do you turn to for support so you feel seen, heard and have a plan of action to take so you don't get stuck in analysis paralysis or comparing yourself to others who seem to have it all?

You find and invest in the right support.

When I created The Non-Nine-to-Five™ almost a decade ago, I had one major goal that's never changed in all of these years:

To not have others feel alone on this journey.

If you don't want to feel alone, are tired of perfect social media posts, are willing to invest in support and do the work, then click on this Clarity Call Application link and fill it out to connect with me. I have one slot open on my calendar so let's see if we're a match.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S.: Check out a snippet of a lovely testimonial Katie shared recently that directly speaks to the support she has been receiving:

Jen has helped me gain more confidence to attend formal and informal networking events, which I would have previously felt too anxious to attend. She also introduced me to a fantastic networking organization, specifically for female entrepreneurs, and her high level, consistent support is exactly what I needed to begin rebuilding my life and become more financially independent.


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