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Our wonderful world of social media can sometimes feel intense and lonely.

Do you agree?

Post after post that leads to scroll after scroll and before you know it you have spent an hour comparing your life to what you see on your phone.

 I took a full year off of Instagram and just recently came back.

 It was the most refreshing and supportive thing I could have done. Now being back I am using it MUCH differently.

 My Instagram page now serves two intentions:

 1. Non-Nine-to-Five support where I am sharing reels and posts to help you on your journey from 9-5 to creating successful self-employment.

Here’s a reel about the difference between a product-based business and a service-based business. Check it out!

2. Sharing my life, my love for laughter, and things that I enjoy. This includes me lip singing!

[Way back around 2012 I was recording myself lip singing on my iPad to all sorts of songs. While I am not someone you want to book for your next event I do it as a form of self-expression and to laugh!]

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S.: If you aren't following me on Instagram I would love to connect! Click here and I'll follow you back! 

P.P.S.: Ready to see if Non-Nine-to-Five support is right for you? 

Fill out a Clarity Call application and I will be in touch with you right away!


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