founding fearless

It's an honor to share with you that I was recently interviewed on the Founding Fearless podcast, hosted by the student board at Kendra Scott’s entrepreneur program at The University of Texas.

Boy, was I SO impressed with these young women, the questions they asked, and the rich conversation we dove right into.

Noteworthy highlights during the interview:

  • Vulnerably sharing about my own negative self-talk.

  • Making a radical financial investment in support of my business.

  • Continuing to always be a studentmyself.

  • Willingness, Consistency and Commitment to stay tried and true to the self-employment journey.

  • The vitality of staying connected to your intuition and not getting caught up in what “everyone else is doing.”

Listen to the full episode HERE.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S.: A quick and exciting celebration from Non-Nine-to-Five member Meg who recently started her business:

“After my last call with Jen I am feeling more confident on my next steps for reaching out to clients and more ready with my Program Services Guide.”

P.P.S: Do you have a deep inner calling to create successful and sustainable self-employment so you can bring your mission to others? CLICK HERE to connect so we can see if this path is truly meant for you.


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