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Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Does this sound familiar to you? I don’t have enough time. There aren’t enough hours in the day. I’m so busy.

I know that these are pretty familiar to me. I’d imagine that we all know someone who has said out loud 1 of the above (if not ourselves). And we believe the above to be 100% true.  

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, even panicked during your day not sure where to put your focus or focusing on things and then wondering why your focusing on those things and not something else and then you’re like “Ugh, I don’t have enough time!”  So, what’s missing? Well, one of The Non-Nine-to-Five tools that is a non-negotiable essential priority is my calendar. I’m sure you have a calendar you use right?  But, how do you relate to it? Do you rarely look at it? Do you feel anxious just looking at it? Do you forget to put things in it? Do you make excuses as to why you’re not following your calendar? So I want to share with you 2 little steps that will support you and your Non-Nine-to-Five work: 1 – SCHEDULING EVERYTHING into your calendar.  Yes, that's right.  Meals, Sleep, Time with Friends and Family, Specific Business Tasks, Bill Payments, Email, Social Media, Meditation, Exercise, Prayer, Journaling, Phone Calls, etc. 2 – FOLLOWING what is on your calendar and KNOWING yourself so well when to schedule and NOT to schedule something (please be mindful though that this is process – to know yourself, your work, your life that well . . . this takes time and patience). In The Non-Nine-to-Five programs we go deep into simple calendaring so you are clear on how you need to spend your time (and this looks different from person to person). We will have in person VIP Days just working on this alone so you feel calm and confident about where to spend your time and how to spend it.

Remember: no magic pill, no magic formula, no 2 day class on being a master at your calendar and time. NOPE. Doesn’t exist.  But what does exist is the type of deep support and teachings I offer.  Hand holding in depth fierce committed work. With Calendaring Love, Jen PS: Are you feeling anxious about how you’re spending your time?  Please reach out to me for


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