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how do i become more intuitive (as an entrepreneur)?

If you resonate with being an intuitive mission driven entrepreneur the key component (if you haven't guessed it) is truly being able to lead with your intuition no mater what. So, how do you become more intuitive AND lead with it? intuition is a beautiful strength we all have YET pretty much nowhere in our lives have we been taught about it. We are taught logic . . .  Do what society tells you to do Do what your parents tell you to do Do what your friends tell you to do Do what you *think* you should do What about DO what you FEEL?  Yes, do what you feel is aligned for you. Intuition is a FEELING energy BUT the world we live in is not about FEELING. 

When you were a kid were you ever told: “STOP CRYING!”    


Were your feelings ever invalidated: “YOU’RE NOT SAD.”  


Imagine being taught at such a young age not to FEEL. So, how could we ever feel confident in growing a business 100% from our intuition, let alone growing a business a all?!? Well, it has to start somewhere and it must start now. If you aren’t doing it now, when will you ever REALLY? When will you really start your business? When will you really do the work you are meant to be doing? When will you really fulfill on your mission in the world? Tomorrow? 6 months from now? When you’re __ years old? Once you’ve completed XYZ? Tomorrow is NEVER EVER promised. We must start TODAY. Sending you Intuitive Support TODAY, Jen PS: If what I shared here struck a chord for you, I urge you to START TODAY. Email me ASAP so we can see if it makes sense to connect and uncover where you are being stopped from truly stepping into your intuition with your business.


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