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how to build a sustainable business

Sustainability is a hot word these days.  I should know because I am always talking about growing a sustainable business.

Jen Shultz, Intuition Expert

But here’s the kicker –


I AM HOWEVER an expert on intuition.

To highlight how sustainability and intuition connect I’m going to share something quite vulnerable with you.

So, thanks in advance for honoring this vulnerable share . . .  Last month I was tending to a flower bed I volunteer to take care of in downtown Austin when all of a sudden I looked up and my ex-boyfriend was standing in front of me - the man I was going to marry, the man who was deeply in love with me and was going to give me the world. He smiled and we shared hellos that turned into a candid conversation about our relationship that REALLY struck me. He said, “it wouldn’t have been sustainable.” And . . . he is absolutely right. When I ended our relationship, I did it for ONE reason and ONE reason only... I followed my intuition.   There was no glaring reason to end this beautiful romance.  We both loved and cared for one another deeply BUT something was missing for it to be SUSTAINABLE. Following your intuition doesn’t necessarily feel exciting and fun.  On the contrary it can feel very painful and uncomfortable. HOWEVER, those who are fully committed 110% to following their intuition are rewarded handsomely with businesses and lives that are incredible!   Will it take time to truly build a business from your intuition? Yes it will.   Will it take a level of consistent diligence and practice? Yes it will. Will your business be sustainable if you commit to your intuition? Yes it will. This is exactly why I teach what I teach in my programs. One of my teachings in my programs is referred to as, “Harnessing the Ego Mind.”  In this teaching we go very deep into exactly what those deep rooted fears are, we move you into your intuition, having you learn exactly how to follow it every step of the business building way which actually ends up in more EXCITEMENT, more FUN, AND you guessed it, SUSTAINABILITY.

So, if you want sustainability, intuition is the way. Sustainably yours, Jen PS: It takes time, effort, and diligence to follow your intuition and if you’re truly committed, you will experience sustainability.  If you want a sustainable business, my hand is reached out for you to connect with me privately –  : )


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