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i feel like garbage

Earlier this week I was speaking at an engagement for self-employed women where I asked the attendees to share areas they are struggling with. I then asked, if from this day forward they continued with these struggles for the rest of their lives how would they feel.

They said: Horrible Overwhelmed One even said, Like Garbage Imagine from this day forward, for the rest of your life you: Stay at the job you're miserable at Allow your reasons to dictate your future Keep saying, “One day I will ____.” “Someday I will ____.” How would that feel? How would it REALLY feel to NEVER pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose, to NEVER become successfully self-employed? I’d go with the gal who said, “Like Garbage.” If you know you aren’t willing to live “a reason filled miserable someday I will become successfully self-employed life” than I invite you to take the first step right now by filling out a Clarity Call application to apply to work with me. There is an amazing community of like-minded women at The Non-Nine-to-Five™ pursuing their Non-Nine-to-Five purpose and creating successful self-employment just like Nicole who recently shared in our safe community forum:

Today I am celebrating that I had a recurring client sign up for my new year-long program!!! This is my second client to sign up for this program and I can't be more thrilled to continue my partnership with this mom and her son (who is going into 8th grade and has made SO much progress since we started in January). They are wonderful people - kind, curious, hardworking, dedicated - and have been a pleasure to work with so far. This also means that I can have faith in myself as a business owner and the fact that my purpose is truly helping people become confident and clear communicators.

If you want to create successful self-employment just like Nicole, please fill out your application. Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed, - Jen PS: Life is too short to feel like garbage.


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