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i'm an idiot

Do you ASK for help?

I mean, do you REALLY ASK for HELP?

Do you ASK questions when you are unsure?



Do you try to do everything on your own?

Do you tell yourself, I should be able to do ____ on my own!

I should know this already!

An essential component of becoming successfully self-employed is being completely and totally VULNERABLE.

So, instead of:

I already know this

I’ve already done this

I don’t want to look like an IDIOT

Shift to:

I'm willing to ask for help

I'm willing to learn how to do it differently

I'm willing to be the IDIOT

I came across a short video where Simon Sinek talks about how being the IDIOT will not only support you, but others around you!

So, I have an action assignment to give you:

  1. Watch Sineks's short 2 minute video (link in my P.S.)

  2. Email me 1 insight you received about being the idiot

  3. I will email you back the insight I received when I first watched it.

If you can truly allow yourself to "be the idiot" and fully embrace vulnerability, you have the power to experience successful self-employment. Mark my words!

I can’t wait to hear what insight you received from this awesome video!

- Jen

PS: Here is the video. Don't forget to email me the insight you received. I can't wait. : )


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