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i'm off!

Last Wednesay, I took myself off of social media.

My head said no, you must keep posting. You must have a presence there. You must conform.

My heart said, follow me. I will guide you. All will be well.

I had a choice. Listen to my head or follow the guidance of my heart.

When starting a business and desiring to make the move from 9-5 to Non-Nine-to-Five there will inevitably be a battle.

You will receive inner guidance such as:

I am meant to pursue my passion

I feel deeply connected to helping others

I know I am meant to make an impact

You will also hear from your head:

You aren’t good enough

You are always overwhelmed

You’re such an anxious person

And, we have a choice. Listen to the beautiful deeply wise inner guidance or become a hostage to the head and all of its fears.

At The Non-Nine-to-Five™ I take a dual approach to success via inner and an outer work.

You are equipped with tools so you can easily follow the sweet calm voice that comes from deep within vs. the abrasive and sometimes downright nasty fear-based mind (inner) while receiving action steps, plans, personalized coaching, and training (outer) allowing you to move forward with your Non-Nine-to-Five purposes vs. staying stuck in the same rut.

The question is, will you follow your deep inner heart wisdom or let the fear-based mind have its way with you?

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S: One of the best ways I can share The Non-Nine-to-Five™ teachings is through speaking engagements whether that be in person, virtual, or via a podcast. Do you know someone I can connect with about speaking? If yes, please email me here. I would be so appreciative!

P.P.S.: You can absolutely still connect with me on social but just know I won't be answering there until I receive inner guidance to come back. The heart will guide me when it's time. : )


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