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i'm on a couch!!

For years I have wanted to be a guest on a couch.

Yes, a guest on a couch.

I’ve watched various late-night talk shows and always thought, 

“Wow, how cool would it be to be the guest on one of those shows and be interviewed about my life, share my thoughts, and maybe just maybe get folks to laugh.”

Well in December my dream came true!

I finally got to be the guest on a couch!

I was featured on local comedy show, That Time of The Month as their Strong Female Lead(er).

It was an honor to be able to share about the work I do as The Founder of The Non-Nine-to-Five and tell the audience all about an odd Christmas Eve tradition we have had in my family that is well over 40 years old (it includes whiskey and garlic).

I’m clear that this dream would have never come to fruition had I not taken the leap to quit my job, stand on my own two feet, and find my Non-Nine-to-Five purpose. Because, when we follow what is really inside of us and go where our intuition and heart lead us SO MANY MORE DOORS WILL OPEN!  MORE DOORS THAN WE COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED. 

When we heed the call, allow intuition to lead the way, and take action toward our purpose, opportunities will come out of the woodwork. How’s that for living out a dream? Helping you Live out your Dream, Jen PS: the interview is less than a 10 minute watch and I guarantee you will laugh!


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