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i was a scapegoat

Did you know that I have had many different jobs? I worked for a record label, for a Broadway musical marketing company, I bartended, and I was a receptionist for a soap opera, to name a few. Many times, I felt like I was just hopping from one thing to the next BUT in actuality I was desperately trying to find my place in the world. I felt like I never fit in. Money was never really a motivator for me BUT making a difference was and is still my number one. When I started working in the music industry, I wanted to see talented musicians, DJ’s, and artists share their talents with the world. If I was moved by a voice or a sound, I wanted others to be moved. When I was a teacher, I wanted so badly for the information I taught to click for my students, see them soar, and know that they would go on to be change makers in our world. AND... I always felt such a deep sense of conflict at every single job I had.

I sat in on time sucking meetings that were run inefficiently.

I didn’t agree with the rules and regulations I was told to follow.

I was even made a scapegoat to unethical practices (full story another day).

What I have come to know is that I am a unique individual with strengths, talents, and skills that are absolutely meant to be shared with the world AND I am one of the few who is meant to do it via self-employment. Most likely you are this type of woman as well, you just don’t know how to actualize all that you are meant to give. It feels overwhelming, scary, even confusing to figure out the steps to take to go from 9-5 to Non9-5 AND even if you did figure out the steps how would you create a sustainable business? If you know in your heart that going to work and collecting a paycheck isn’t enough for you AND you know that you have a deep calling within you to be self-employed so you can use your uniqueness to make a difference on your own terms, to put it simply, The Non-Nine-to-Five™ is the place for you. We still have a few May spots open for 1-Hour Private Clarity Calls with me. If your job and paycheck aren't good enough for the life you really want and you're called to be self-employed please APPLY HERE for one of the few May spots. You and I will connect privately about what’s not working for you, co-create clarity, and see if The Non-Nine-to-Five™ programs are a match for you. Over a decade ago I left my 9-5 and I have never regretted it for a single second. Isn’t it your turn now? Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed, - Jen P.S: Check out what Non-Nine-to-Five member Nicole W. shared this week: “This week I feel grateful for the feedback I received from The Non-Nine-to-Five community™. Also, my Private Coaching Call with Jen went really well, it helped me to better understand my target audience, and she provided me with really great direction!” P.P.S: APPLY HERE for one of the few May 1-Hour Private Clarity Call spots with me. Spots are limited.


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