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[interview] host or hostage?

I was just interviewed on a podcast where I was asked an important question:

We have many listeners who are interested in escaping the 9-to-5 and venturing out on their own. However, they have lots of anxieties and concerns about taking that leap. What can you say to them? 

Hear the full interview here: Apple Podcast Stitcher SoundCloud

In my answer I shared this quote:

You can either be host to God or a hostage to your ego.  It’s your call. – Wayne Dyer

Let me break down what this means and just to note: this has NOTHING to do with religion.

You have a choice to be a host to the unknown, to unchartered territory, to possibilities, to wide open space, to your intuition, to your heart, to a higher power that goes WAY beyond your intellect, way beyond your fears and anxieties...


You can choose to be a slave to your mind.  You can be a slave to worry, a slave to doubt, a slave to what if’s, a slave to fear AND allow your mind to dictate the rest of your life.

It truly is YOUR CALL.  You get to choose.  No one is standing over you with a gun to your head.

You can be your reasons and you can be your excuses and you can even be a victim (aka I can’t change anything, I’m stuck forever.)

Choose your job or choose your purpose Choose your steady paycheck or choose your mission Choose your health benefits or choose your life’s work Choose clocking in and clocking out or choose freedom

The choice is ALWAYS yours, - Jen

PS: This interview I did was ONE OF THE BEST.  There are things I share that I haven’t shared anywhere else so I urge you to take time and listen on the platform of your choice: Apple PodcastStitcherSoundCloud.

If what you hear strikes a chord for you email me and tell me what stood out for you.  I’m excited to know!


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