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it's happening in 5 days!

In just 5 days we are entering 2020...

In December of 2010 I had NO idea that this is where I would be today.  When I quit my job that year I was utterly depressed and completely anxiety ridden.

Since then radical shifts and transformations have occurred through fierce commitments I have made. If you are currently in a 9-5 job but you know you were put on this earth to:

Impact lives Heal

Teach or coach  Solve problems AND do it on your own terms, WHAT ARE YOU REALLY WAITING FOR? Stepping into 2020 is a new opportunity to commit and leave your 9-5. It’s your opportunity to prove that you can stand on your own two feet without a traditional 9-5, and truly go after your purpose in the world. In my Non-Nine-to-Five programs I teach you how to quit your job, stand on your own two feet, and find your entrepreneurial purpose. If you’re curious about how the programs work or just simply want to know more, then commit to emailing me with “I COMMIT” in the subject. Committed to your Non-Nine-to-Five entrepreneurial purpose, Jen PS: my email is: – put “I COMMIT” in the subject so I see your email right away. PPS: When Kelsey and I began our work together she was struggling with committing to a business idea and found herself jumping from idea to idea. I helped Kelsey understand what TRULY aligned for her, what she’s passionate about and I taught her how to commit to one business idea.  When she made this commitment she brought on her first paying client within several weeks.


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