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making a transition

I’m sure like me you have made many transitions in your life . . .

Traveled to a foreign country on my own for four months.

Went back for master’s degree six years after college.

Left a full-time job with steady paycheck and benefits.

Moved to TX from NY alone.

Started a business, stopped that business, started another one.

With every transition I have felt anxious and sometimes even depressed.

YET, transitions are powerful. Transitions force us into brand new territory. Transitions force us into leadership. When you not only make a powerful decision to change course, you take the steps needed to make it real, you are doing what true leaders do. You are stepping into the unknown in spite of your fears and doubts. You are forging forward. Leaders take FULL responsibility for themselves, their decisions, their actions, and their feelings. Whether you’re in a place in your life where you’re feeling called to go in a different career direction, start a business, or you just have a sense something is meant to change as long as you are committed to taking action, I guarantee you will end up in the exact right place. Seeing you and your Leadership, - Jen P.S: Transitions are part of the natural state of being human. At The Non-Nine-to-Five™ many of the folks I serve and support are in transitional spaces yet they are not alone because of the safe and sacred community I have created over the last 9+ years. If you know you are meant to make a transition or feel like you are close to one, please apply for a Clarity Call so we can be connected and see if The Non-Nine-to-Five™ community is for you.


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