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Meet Ali!

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Meet Ali Tepper, a lovely and super talented Non-Nine-to-Fiver on a mission to support parents who are worn out by power struggles and challenging behaviors with their children.

Ali has worked in childhood education for over a decade BUT when she became a parent for the first time herself she quickly learned that no training existed that could have prepared her for motherhood.  Ali knows firsthand the tremendous expectation parents feel and that real support isn’t always easy to find. Parenting is an intense ride that stirs up lots of unexpected emotions and reactions in us. When she discovered an approach called, “Hand in Hand Parenting,” it changed her life.  Through Ali’s teachings of the Hand in Hand Parenting model, parents receive the kindness, support, and knowledge they need to be successful as the emotional leaders of their family. Instead of a cookie-cutter formula that strives for perfection, parents learn a different way to communicate that strengthens the parent-child connection while engaging in a deep level of self-exploration for themselves.  Ali’s Non-Nine-to-Five Success Story: Before working with Jen, I was overwhelmed by my inspiration to start this business. I knew I was called to sprinkle the magic I had found on others, but I had no idea where to beginI questioned if it was even possible for me.I struggled to understand the steps I needed to create a business and I was overwhelmed by the amount of business building information out there from podcasts, books, and influencers. This left me feeling frustrated and unable to identify a path forward that felt right for me.    Since working with Jen, I have transformed the way I manage my own inner energy and I have tangible steps for how to build this business in a way that feels aligned for me and my family. The word is out about what I'm doing and that feels amazing! I have just led my first workshop for parents and I’m gearing up to run my first 6-week support group!I now carry a deep feeling of confidence because I have the internal and external tools needed to make my life's purpose a reality.  

If you feel deeply inspired to stay with your own mission driven Non-Nine-to-Five work but are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of information out there, then working with me in one of The Non-Nine-to-Five programs I offer is your next step.

When we come together, we cut through the surface and we go super deep, creating tremendous confidence in yourself and creating your life’s work . . . once and for all . . . just like Ali has.

With Deep Support, Jen


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