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There’s a simple equation that's been floating around for years: Good Job = Success and Happiness But, this equation isn’t true for you. You know a job isn’t going to bring you the success and happiness you want. You know how amazing you would feel to be self-employed serving your very own customers and clients. This type of knowing is what can be called metanoia. Metanoia is where you change your mind about something (or someone), when your heart literally transforms, and your fundamental beliefs are altered! From Greek μετάνοια, metanoia means after-thought or beyond-thought. To me, this highlights that beyond the thinking mind, beyond the reasoning mind, beyond the logical mind, on the other side of thought after thought after thought is TRANSFORMATION where you get to create what you want. Think about it like this:

You have a job You know your job doesn’t satisfy you

You know that helping others through your self-employed business is where you want to put your energy, where you will truly shine, where you'll feel alive and joyful. Therefore, you know a job won’t bring you happiness, self-employment will. So then what do you do with this metanoia? What do you do when what you once were taught and believed is no longer true for you? You get help You get support and you don’t try doing it all by yourself just like when a baby starts to walk someone is right there to teach her, to steady her, to catch her if she falls, to help her put one foot in front of the other. You take your metanoia and you invest in support. YOU are the reason WHY I followed my own metanoia. I knew that I was meant to teach others how to quit their jobs, stand on their own two feet, and pursue their Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose. I have space open in my August calendar to connect for a private call to get you supported. All you need to do is fill out an application here so we can get started. Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed - Jen PS: I can't wait to hear from you and your metanoia. ; ) PPS: Dana, one of our brand new Non-Nine-to-Five members had this to share when asked why she decided to invest in Non-Nine-to-Five support:

I chose to work with Jen and invest in The Non-Nine-to-Five™ Programs because I took a bird’s eye view at Jen’s thoroughness and meticulous structure and decided to take a leap of faith.

After Dana’s first Private Coaching Call she said:

This was so much fun, it did not feel daunting like I was concerned it would. You made this fun! You are a leader who is consistent, a great listener, and this feels like a partnership. It reinforces we are in this together and I am experiencing collaborative team work!


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