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This week I saw a video that caused me to feel astonishment, confusion, anger, and deep sadness all at the same time.

A woman was painting over the beautiful and bright Black Lives Matter on the street.  At first, I was perplexed at what I was watching but quickly realized what she was doing and my heart sank.

There is SO much going on in our country right now . . . 

Racism + death

Covid + death 

And to me it feels like we are living in one of the most divisive times in our lives.

But here is what I know connects us and where you come in...

If you are taking steps to create your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose...

If you are doing work in the world you know is your mission and purpose

If you are serving and supporting others on our own terms

If you are committing to the work you know you are meant to be doing

You are actually creating unification.

You see, I believe that when someone is out of alignment with their purpose there is A LOT of room for that person to be “crooked.”  Crookedness can come in forms such as:




And simply making poor decisions . . .

If you know you are meant to connect to others with your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose, RIGHT NOW IS THE TIME.  It is 100% time to rise up pursuing your purpose, creating unification, and being a beacon of connection.  You are meant to be doing purposeful work in the world aligned with your beliefs, your strengths, your unique skill set so you can support a much needed movement of unification.


In Unification,


PS: What is 1 thing you will do over the next week to create connection and unification?  I’d love to know.  Email me: 


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