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something strange has been happening

Over the past 2 months something strange has been happening when I take my sweet dog Hunny to the park.

Hunny loves running at lightning speed and playing chase with other dogs. Two months ago, Hunny and another dog ran directly into my left knee. This was over 80lbs slammed into my knee. I immediately fell to the ground and yelped in pain. For the next week I limped with a swollen knee. It then happened again, and again, and again. Last weekend while Hunny was doing her usual run with another dog, she skimmed by me but this time the other dog rammed my knee (yes, same knee!) . Imagine 40lbs to 80lbs being thrown into your knee over and over and over again.

Imagine NOT doing anything about it over and over and over again. The truth is, I was resistant to doing anything about it and was procrastinating.

Resistance to taking action is directly connected to procrastination.

Right now, you are procrastinating on SOMETHING. Are you procrastinating on your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose? Knowing in your heart you don't belong at a 9-5 job. Thinking about being successfully self-employed. Writing about it in your journal. Knowing, thinking, and writing about being successfully self-employed won’t change much. You’ve got to be willing to take some real, heavy duty action. The High-Level and Highly Motivated women in The Non-Nine-to-Five™ community are taking real time action.

  • Nicole just signed on a new client in her 3 Month Program.

  • Regina just gave her first ever speaking engagement.

  • Jen P. just attended a networking event and made 2 connections.

These ladies laid down their resistance, stopped any procrastination, and took High-Level action. If you would like to do the same please send me an email and let me know what is happening for you. - Jen P.S.: If you’re wondering if I finally stopped procrastinating on this whole dog-knee situation, the answer is, YES. : )


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