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Updated: Jun 2, 2019

How far would you go to pursue your mission? How far would you go to commit to your life’s work? Do you know deep deep down in your heart you are meant to be doing your life’s work here on planet earth but you also play games with yourself? There are days you’re motivated, confident, excited and others you find yourself sitting on your couch scrolling through FB with a hint of nervousness, doubt, and overwhelm in the background.

Something I have come to learn is that I was never taught to “think like an entrepreneur.”  No one taught me this.  I didn’t even know this was a thing.  But, boy is it ever. And it takes a MASSIVE shift in mindset.  MASSIVE.

was taught however to get a job and get a paycheck. For those of us that are here for mission driven work we would rather die than do that. So, how do you STAY WITH IT? How do you stay on the intuitive path of mission driven work as a self-employed person? How do you NOT give up? 1. You invest in a High Level of Support from someone you consider a partner, a trusted advisor, someone who has been in your shoes and stands for you, someone who is teaching you and showing you every step of the way.  Someone who will invest in YOU. 2. You fiercely commit to having a deep understanding, a deep relationship of following your intuition AND practice over and over and over again the distinction between your ego mind and your intuitive mind.  And I will tell you, this TAKES something.  So many times Non-Nine-to-Fivers tell me they are following their intuition when in reality it is the egos way of being slick and tricky. The only way to truly know if it is intuition or ego is to practice over and over and over again. 3.  When you fall off your commitments, when you miss a step, when you stop your consistent actions and find yourself beating yourself up, hiding out, letting things slide you recognize it but you don’t let it fester and you put one foot in front of the other getting back up again. I can tell you if you have these 3 pieces solidly in place not only will your work in the world look different, you will feel different and experience possibilities you never knew existed. It’s VERY hard work but the reward is so worth it. With a High Level of Support and Commitment to you and your Mission, Jen

PS: I live and breathe #1 - #3 above so I share this with you from a real deep place of knowing. My hand is reached out to you.

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1 Comment

Jen Shultz
Jen Shultz
Jun 02, 2019

Hi Jen, it's Jen. Testing 1 2 3 : )

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