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taking a stand

Are you taking a stand for your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose?

Are you moving your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose forward?

Or, are you at a STAND STILL?

Taking a Stand means: Adopting a Firm Position

When you are firm with yourself and your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose:

You don’t make excuses.

You don’t blame other people or situations for your circumstances.

You take real radical action, unwilling to do the same ol same ol.

AND, you admit you don't have all of the answers.

It’s been almost 8 years ago now that I took a MASSIVE stand for myself, my future, and my Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose.

I invested money, time, and resources into coaching support.

I stopped trying to do things that were “FREE” or “CHEAP.”

I took responsibility for what I SAID I wanted to create.

This then led me down a path of successful self-employment and no more 9-5 ever again!

If you are ready to take a stand for what you say you want and pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose, please go ahead and FILL OUT A CLARITY CALL APPLICATION so we can see which of The Non-Nine-Five Programs are a match for you.

Taking a Stand for you and your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose,


P.S.: If you are already successfully self-employed, would you be so kind to share this with 1 person you know? Someone who is ready to take a stand for her Non-Nine-to-Five purpose. I would be so grateful! Here is the application link to pass on to them.


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