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the real reason i quit my job

Want to know why Non-Nine-to-Fivers REALLY feel unsure about leaving their 9-5?

The ego mind thrives on fear (AKA worry, concern, doubt) and it doesn’t welcome change.  It doesn’t want you to step out of your comfort zone.  

Over the past 6 years I have connected with hundreds of Non-Nine-to-Fivers that have shared their fears with me:

What if I can’t make enough money? What if I’m not credible enough? What if I fail? What if I stay stuck? What if I don’t end up liking my business? In 2010, before I left my full-time job I was consumed by WHAT IFs.  My mind was a cesspool of FEAR. The ONE reason I finally quit my full-time job was that: The pain of staying exceeded the fear of the unknown. And guess what?  I didn’t end up on the street, I didn’t end up living in a cardboard box, I didn’t end up destitute and alone.   I’ve been successfully self-employed for 9 years AND I will teach you exactly how to do the same. There are so many people just like me, Non-Nine-to-Fivers who are dying to quit their jobs and stand on their own two feet making money with their purpose. 2020 is coming down the pike.

Isn't it time you finally lived out your purpose and left your 9-5? Jen -


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