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this is priceless

Two years ago I started a weekly gratitude practice, writing down a few things I’m grateful for each week.

Birds chirping outside my window

Hunny curled up on the couch

The pen I’m writing with


Earlier this week I did a meditation about gratitude where the narrator shared how she went through a decade of her life experiencing depression, loss of income, and health challenges. She felt as if nothing was good in her life, therefore nothing to be grateful for. But as she began a gratitude practice all of this shifted...

After my meditation I picked up my "Hunny chewed" gratitude notebook (this is a photo of the back of it because I wanted you to see just how much Hunny enjoyed chewing my notebook) and realized I had not picked up my Gratitude notebook in 4 months.

BUT, I simply picked up my pen and started to write.

Having gratitude and staying committed are vital on the path to successful self-employment.

It’s vital to consistently remind yourself what you’re grateful for because it’s so easy for the mind to slip into:

This will never work

I’m not good enough

No one wants my service/product

As for commitment, this is simply taking consistent action and investing in support to get help.

It's very important that I also tell you, when you fall off of your commitments (just like my 4-month hiatus) you simply pick your pen back up again and continue. You don’t make yourself wrong and you don’t judge yourself. You just recommit.

I’ve carefully curated a high-level community in The Non-Nine-to-Five™ programs where women share what they are grateful for and how they are doing with their commitments (again, NO JUDGEMENT).

Imagine having women on the same journey as you supporting you in being grateful and staying committed.

To me, this is priceless.

My calendar is quite packed for the month of August but I just opened up 2 remaining slots for Clarity Calls with me. If what you read here resonates for you I invite you to apply for 1 of these 2 remaining slots by clicking here.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

PS: Check out this awesome celebration and thoughtful share from Lori, a member of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ community:

I was very nervous to send my announcement emails out but then I was like, "I got this!" Someone then reached out to me who wanted private lessons for her child and asked how much I charge per hour. I usually say $50 per hour but instead I said $100 per hour. I figured she would say "You are ridiculous!" but she said, "Perfect!" This felt so fantastic! I know her reaching out to me was not an accident. My work with Jen is helping me take small manageable steps, stay focused, keep a positive mindset, and it’s motivating!


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